Bumble Unveils A.I. Tool to Combat Fake Profiles and Enhance User Safety

In an effort to address the growing concern over authenticity and safety in online dating, Bumble Inc. has introduced a new artificial intelligence (A.I.) tool named Deception Detector. This innovative feature is designed to identify and block fake, spam, or scam profiles, a response to the anxieties expressed by the Bumble community regarding the genuineness of their matches.

Recent research conducted by Bumble highlighted the apprehension users feel, with fake profiles and the potential for scams topping the list of online dating worries. A significant portion of women, 46%, expressed their main concern was the uncertainty surrounding the identity of individuals they interact with online.

The Deception Detector leverages A.I. technology to automatically filter out 95% of accounts deemed as spam or scams. Accounts flagged by the system undergo a verification process to confirm their authenticity, failing which they are removed from the platform. This process is further bolstered by a dedicated team of human moderators focused on maintaining the safety and integrity of the community.

By integrating Deception Detector, Bumble reaffirms its commitment to creating a secure and trustworthy space for making new connections.

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AI Shots Team
By AI Shots Team
March 1, 2024

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